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Hi, we're Colton + Olivia Hale!

We believe there is power in nature. The world we live in is so saturated in distractions and job productivity- it's no wonder we all feel stressed! As a couple, we feel when time is set aside for adventure we are refreshed and uplifted- and reminded of how small we (and our problems) actually are. Our goal in sharing our time and activity outdoors is to inspire and encourage all to seek out the beauty in nature all around us! 

Core Values


As two people, newly married in our mid 20s, it should come as no surprise we're still figuring ourselves out. We remind each other daily that trying new things- whether succeeding or failing-  always results in personal growth. This is also true in the outdoors! Though we talk a lot about hiking, we're no where near experts. We will be continuing to try new trails and other outdoor activities- sharing our experiences along the way. Our hope is that including you on our journey will show that anyone can explore, learn new skills, and find their passion. 


If you've been following us long, you know we love outdoor branding. Outdoor brands, like people, are each unique and different from the next. And as campers and hikers, we are always trying to make our time outdoors as fun and stress-free as possible. When we advertise through the blog, readers can feel confident we have thoroughly tested and tried each product for ourselves. We want anyone adventuring for themselves to have success with the brands and products we endorse! 


In the harsh reality of this recent pandemic, we all know how scary of a place the world can be sometimes. If we let ourselves think about it too long, we can get sucked into a negative and depressing mindset. By sharing our new adventures and reminiscing on old ones, we promise to spread positive vibes through this blog. The world is a beautiful place and worth celebrating- we hope you are reminded of that each and every time you stop by!

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