Meet Olivia

Wife + Photographer + Nurse + Mountain Lover

Hi friend! I'm Olivia, and I'm SO happy you're here. I am a 26 year old travel nurse with a heart for hiking. My mission is to inspire others to get outside and explore the blessing that is our planet!


I'm an introverted-extrovert, Ennegram 4w3, mom to 2 rescue pups, and die hard creative. I'm from an 8th generation family farm and the middle child between two brothers. I grew up outdoors- hunting, fishing, and fourwheeling with my dad. I love deep talks with friends, Italian food (#cheeseislife), a good indie jam, and traveling/hiking with my husband, Colton. He and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in 2018 by renting a van for a week and hiking through national parks in UT and AZ. I became hooked. Visiting all of the U.S. national parks sits at the very top of my bucketlist.


Throughout the parks we have visited, I am most proud of conquering the cables of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park and our hiking to the bottom of The Grand Canyon and back. We get SO many questions about our planning process and epic hikes that it morphed into the creation of this blog. 

I love all photography because it freezes a moment in time. Adventure/outdoor photography is uniquely special because it grants me the privilege of showcasing the creativity of our Creator. When human beings are thrown into frame, themes of  determination, hardship, awe, and triumph ring through in a way that reminds me anything is truly possible. 

Outdoor branding photography plays an important role, too. Like human beings, each brand has a purpose and a story to share. I feel blessed that I am able to help give a voice to brands that have assisted me in conquering my own goals on some of the hardest journeys.


This is not just a hobby for me. This is a passion, and I am excited to see where (quite literally) it takes me. 

Olivia Hale Photography

I also have a photography business geared toward couples, weddings, familes, and portraits. Visit www.oliviahalephotography.com/ to browse my other work or reach out if you're interested in me taking pictures for you! I'd love to!

Meet Colton

Husband + Finance Manager + Outdoorsmen + Wanderer

Hey, I'm Colton. I am a 26 year old finance & business applications manager who loves all things outdoors.


I'm apparently a 1 on the Ennegram (I only know this because Olivia made me take the test). I spend most of my days working from a desk on spreadsheets but I long to be outdoors fishing, grilling, and fixing or making things with my hands. I love learning new things- when I can't be outside, chances are you'll find me indoors watching YouTube videos learning how to make or fix the most random things. Olivia and I met at the end of our sophomore year in college at Malone University. I was working on campus for the summer to make some money and stay close to train for football. This worked out great because it meant we were closer to each other (my family lived in Florida at the time). I actually took Olivia hiking and fishing on our very first date at Deer Creek Reservoir in Alliance, Ohio -- well, I did most of the fishing while she serenaded me with the poetry she's been writing since childhood.


When people ask me where I was born, I'll say in Memphis, Tennessee, but to be honest, I've never really had a hometown. My family moved around a lot throughout my childhood, so I called many different places "home" growing up. I've lived in amazing states such as Nevada, Florida, and Colorado, so I've been through my fair share of different climates/terrain. My parents took my old sister, two younger brothers, and I with them for all of their adventures. My dad still jokes that as a child as soon as I tired out on a hike, I would stubbornly sit down in the dirt and refuse to continue hiking. Olivia would be at the end of the trail before noticing if I did that nowadays! Overall, I am very grateful for my adventurous parents who brought me along in my youth. It's because of them that I am constantly seeking the outdoors and my next great adventure!

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